Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fieseler Fi-103 (V-1) Cruise Missile: Burbage Edge

V1: Burbage Edge
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Pat Cunningham of "Peakland Air Crashes" suggests this as the site of a V1 explosion based on eye-witness testimony. The field the witness gave as the site contains quite a number of depressions, none of which look all that much like a bomb crater to us. Only one of them shows a trace of metal, and this one isn't it. We weren't convinced that there was any sign of a V1 impact in this field at all.

It's well known locally that there are only about three surnames this close to Buxton(cue "Duelling banjos" from "Deliverance"). This might be considered in evaluating the trustworthiness of statements of locals.

Location of this crater:SK 02998 73724
Location of crater with metal traces:SK 02982 73690


Chris Riley said...

Ha, Deliverance? Have you seen your pictures, you all look completely retarded.

Thanks for the SK reference though.

Sean said...

You are welcome, Cletus.