Saturday, 17 May 2008

Aran Fawddwy

Aran Fawddwy: Plane Wrecks
Thunderbolt?: Aran Fawddwy
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We went to Aran Fawddwy in Southern Snowdonia yesterday, mainly to see the Merlin Engine and assorted wreckage from a Mosquito, but also to investigate the Thunderbolt and Beaufighter wrecks we had heard were on the same mountain. We understand now that there is a fourth 'plane on Aran Fawddwy, A P-51D Mustang (44-726844), but we have no idea of its location.

Visibility was very poor on top, and the closest we came to finding the Beaufighter or Thunderbolt wrecks was this possible crude memorial at the Thunderbolt 41-6246 location given in High Ground Wrecks.

We found quite a bit of the Mosquito though...

Location: SH 86197 22221

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matt zx said...

hi not sure this will help but p-51 wreckage was photoed in afan-ty-cerrig at about mr 125/846234 the plane was put as p-51d 44-42340 of the 335th at debden crashed may the 17th 1945 pilot captain Richard l.tannehill!
hope thats of some help!