Saturday, 10 May 2008

Handley Page Halifax MkII DT578 Coded ZB?

Handley Page Halifax MkII DT578 Coded ZB?
Halifax?:Great Whernside
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We think these are the remains of Halifax DT578 which crashed in Great Whernside five years before the Mosquito shown in the next entry.

Location:SD 99974 73376

More info:Richard Allenby


Adi Wood said...

ZB is RAF Riccall , 1658 HCU

mtskull said...

Although some Halifax parts have reportedly been found amongst this pile of wreckage, this is actually the crash site of Mosquito RL 197, as evidenced by the presence of the flap operating torque tube visible in the photo as well as some mosquito nacelle parts and some fragments of wooden structure. The Halifax wreckage is widely scattered but the main concentration is about 200 metres south of this site.

Sean said...

Interesting. I'll have a look for the wreckage you mention over the summer....

Sean said...

OK, I have looked into this, and here is what I think:

Anyone want to offer a better indication of the Halifax impact site?

mtskull said...

I'll take your comments in the spirit in which I hope they are meant, nevertheless the wreckage is where I said it is, although not the easiest to find. In fact, I have explored this area of Great Whernside on many occasions over the years and my last visit was the first time that I had ever seen this particular concentration of wreckage (my wife actually found it; I was walking a few yards further down the slope and would have walked by without seeing it).
From communication with Richard Allenby I understand that the actual point of impact was near the Western edge of the summit plateau above the location I mentioned, with much of the wreckage ending up at the foot of the slope.
If you would like to email me at I'll send you some photos of the site.

Sean said...

Cheers Andy,

that you can take a joke and have a wife must mean that you are a dilettante in this field. I'll email you. Perhaps you can meet up with me and Pat and show us...