Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Foel Lwyd and Drum: Avro Anson VV995?

Foel Lwyd and Drum: Avro Anson VV995?
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We went to Foel Lwyd and Drum in Snowdonia yesterday in some pretty nasty weather. Actually there seem to be two hills, two miles apart, marked Foel Lwyd on the OS map, but as it turned out we climbed both of them.

We ascended the first Foel Lwyd to look for Avro Anson VV995. Took no metal detector, as we were expecting big wreckage, based on the old reports.

Nothing visible at the coordinates given in High Ground Wrecks, which rated the site as "Medium"sized, or at the coords given by RJMP, who visited these sites in the seventies. This cairn was however found about four hundred feet from either coordinate.

We are going to have to do this one again with the metal detector. Note that the coordinates given below, and all coordinates on here from now on should have enhanced accuracy, as we upgraded our GPSr to one which averages many readings to give an estimated +/- 4m accuracy.

Location:SH 72245 72102

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Hawker said...

I've tried to find this site as well (only one visit). Have you read the decription in 'Hell on High Ground'? (can't remember if it was I or II) for me the grid ref given in HGWR doesn't match the picture of David Earl with the wreckage, with the crash description mentioning it being very near the top and by a stone wall. This site is on my to do list to go back and have another look.

Anyway, when you go back have a look over at SH 72369 72057, one of the undercarriages is there;

Here is the GPS log of my walk, quite a bit of wandering round trying to match old photos to the terrain;

Looking forward to what you find :)

Sean said...

Thanks Hawker,

we had a coordinate from RJMP, who looked at these sites in the seventies, as well as the HGW.

Your co-ords are also 400 feet from the cairn, but in an ESE direction. The high heather obviously blocked our view.

We'll give this a return visit.

Mick said...

Your right about the picture not seeming to match the area. Found this a few times before in the Peak District with Ron Colliers photo's not seeming quite right. Much more time has passed in that instance than with Dave Earl though?

matt zx said...

i went to this site in the early 80S with me dad !both engines were present then but if i remember the main wreckage was close either side of a wall and there was a burnt area about 15 ft from it on the left! i may still have some old photos i will have a look next time i go to kiddy!

Sean said...

cheers matt, we'd be interested...

matt zx said...

just been to this site again the the undercarriage is there but could find no remains other than that the plane came through the wall just above you can see a repair to he wall!