Saturday, 12 July 2008

Avro Anson Mk.I EF909 coded J3 or Avro Anson EG110?

Avro Anson Mk.I EF909 coded J3 or Avro Anson EG110?
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These definitely look like Anson bits on Foel Grach, but there is some controversy about which of the two Ansons which crashed near this location they come from. It might even be a consolidation pile of two wreck sites, as we have seen elsewhere. The engines described by others seem to have been removed by the local grave-robbers.

It is hard to know how to resolve the issue now, unless we can find a second site with identifiable bits nearby. The bits are too corroded to even carry any markings.

Since our visit, Alan and Mark from PDAAR claim to have found another site 1km distant which they believe is the crash site of EG110. There is a link to their report of the new site below. They have given us information which will probably to allow us to investigate their claim, which we will do in due course, probably when we have better information about the second "impossible" Anson wreck site location and N5371, to facilitate a twofer, or even a threefer.

Location: SH 69068 66625

More info(EF909)
More info(EG110)

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