Saturday, 19 July 2008

Lockheed Ventura AE699

Lockheed Ventura AE699
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We are now reasonably certain that this wreckage comes from the Ventura which crashed on the slopes of Daffydd. It was so close to the Pen yr Oeu Wen Anson wreckage that we felt we needed to be sure from inspection stamps that it was a separate site.

Location: SH 65993 62288

More info(Nothing on the 'net on this crash site)


Anonymous said...

Why are you so pissed about something you know nothing about ?
Am I the so called relative that said that everything went for scrap?
I thought this could be a good site but . . . ar,forget it..

Sean said...

I think your comment is on the wrong post.

If you are talking about the Boston posting, I don't know who you are, you have not given a name, so I cannot comment on whose relative you might be. Assuming that you are talking about the Lincoln bit of the posting, and it is wrong and you can prove it, where are the parts of the Lincoln which were removed?

Why am I upset? read the post.

Dwr o Pesda. said...

Please send me your reply, it should not have been sent as anonymous .

Sean said...

Sorry, I'm not entering into off-line correspondence any more, after much unpleasantness over the last week.

I didnt say everything went for scrap, if you read it again.

You are correct in as much as you did not directly say that the most interesting bits had been scrapped. I will amend the text. I did however find out something of what happened based on your comment.

What you did say is that you didn't know but that you thought that an engine might be at a local airport.

I can see no evidence of this. My understanding is that three were scrapped, or otherwise disappeared, and one is in a certain person's shed, where he is attempting to get it into ground running condition.

Tell me I am wrong. I would love to be wrong. Tell me they are on display in a museum somewhere which has just not bothered making the fact public.

Dwr o Pesda. said...

Do you want to meet up one day?

Sean said...

Why? Are you going to tell me the secret of what happened to the Lincoln?

Dwr o Pesda. said...

I told you I dont know.

Dwr o Pesda. said...

When I was in school, Kids were bringing bits of all kinds of aircraft in to show and swap. The Ventura was a good one because we wanted the 303 amo to make rockets ,so we would scramble up while our fishing rods were in Ffynnon Lloer.The paths were littered with bits that people couldnt carry any further and this did piss the park wardens off, I think that this was the catalist for the removal of the main attractions . .

Sean said...

Rockets from 303 rounds! You must be about my age, lads were able to have a bit more fun back in those pre health and safety days! We used to throw asbestos cement roofing and paint cans into fires, make weedkiller and sugar bombs, tracer rounds from matches and .22 pellets hammered into a cup shape. I didn't grow up next to a ready source of live ammunition, or I'd probably not be here now!

Mick said...

you must have forgotten about the detonators. Its a wonder we got any fingers/face left?