Saturday, 5 July 2008

Peak District Wrecks

A bit of a run around this week, clearing up some minor sites in the Peak District. We think we have definitely got to the 100 best sites in the Peak now, and will probably produce a summary sheet-coming soonish.

Back to Wales next week for some more impressive wrecks, unless the weather is really rubbish, in which case, another buzz around the last few sites in the peak with physical evidence to be expected, or a revisit of some sites where we have blanked in the past.

We are never going to get round to visiting fields in which there were forced landings, grave sites of aircrews, or that sort of thing. Life is too short.


matt zx said...

hi just stuck up some pics of some welsh wreck sites at
i'm new to this so any helpful advice would be accepted !
hope the weather holds for you !

Sean said...

Cheers Matt. Quite a few photos of places on our to go list, inc. Fauld Crater...

Not sure we are in a position to give advice, we just make it up as we go along!

matt zx said...

lol thank god for that !! will stick up more pics i have when i can
be safe mat