Tuesday, 5 August 2008

DeHavilland Mosquito W4088: Impact Point

DeHavilland Mosquito W4088: Impact Point
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The few sad remains at the crash site of Mosquito W4088. This site has been plundered by diggers, albeit with MOD permission.

And what has become of the items "recovered"?Are they perhaps to be found at Duxford, or some other well-known and visited museum? Are they part of a rebuild? Was the recovery operation a scientific project which produced a useful report in some peer-reviewed scientific journal? Nope, none of the above. The engine has passed through many hands on its way to being a garden ornament in Somerset, and some other parts were melted down to make little model aircraft-see here.

Nice work lads. That's some great "rescuing". If Mountain Rescue shared your view of what constitutes rescue, you wouldn't want to get stuck on a mountain, in case they they added your skull to their rockery, or melted you down for down for glue.

There are some undercarriage remains and oleos a little down the hill, but time did not permit us to see them this time. Matt ZX photographed them earlier this year though.

Location:SH 54335 55127

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William said...

Yesterday I went to Mynydd Mawr to look for Mosquito W4088. I started about 300m downstream from the impact site and came across some undercarriage related bits at SH 54535 55182 and SH 54487 55187. I think these bits are slowly working their way downstream.

Then using info from MattZX's website I did a search for the undercarriage and oleos near the head of the stream and found them at SH 54416 55146, about 80m roughly East of the impact site.


Sean said...

Cheers William, we have a day out with Matt tomorrow, should be two or three more Welsh sites on the site Sunday...