Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ponies: Llwytmor

Ponies: Llwytmor
Ponies: Llwytmor
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A big walk yesterday, 12 miles again, up and down Llwytmor in Snowdonia. As a walk it was great, nice mountain, not too pointy, gorse and bell heather very prettily in flower.

As a wreck hunting expedition, not so good.

Found nothing at the supposed Junkers site in the Snowdonia wreckologist's list. No-one thinks there is a Junkers there, but they give a scatter area as well as a location. Surely there must have been something there once? The nearby Heinkel would presumably be the prime suspect.

We however found nothing around the Heinkel site location given in "High Ground Wrecks" either, and ran out of time before managing to find more than one Botha wreckage pile.

We will be back, coming up from the Aber Falls direction to save time.

Did see wild ponies though, was we often do on the Carneddau. Photographed them for a friend's teenage daughter. Ahhh.

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