Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Further afield

We decided to look a little further afield this week, visiting parts of Wales outside the Snowdonia National Park for a change.

We were not disappointed by the wreckage on Foel Wen/Mynydd Tarw of Blenheim L4873, though time and the elements has turned what was a fairly complete wing section into a scatter of big scraps of aluminium skinning in the main.

We planned quite a short walk to allow us to search quite widely for the nearby Flying Fortress 41-9098, which we had heard was hard to find from the Doylerush/High Ground Wreck grid reference.

We found it 670m from these coordinates, in a different valley entirely. We also found what we think was the scar on the hillside which caused these author's confusion.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you are crazy! Keep this up, you are clearly finding stuff others just talk about!