Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Airspeed Oxford Mk.I R6271

Airspeed Oxford Mk.I R6271
Oxford: Waterhouses
Originally uploaded by wreckhunter

Our second visit to the Waterhouses crash site of this Oxford yielded this scrap of debris.

Access to the site was facilitated by the river being unexpectedly completely dry.

Pat Cunningham's information is a bit poor at this site, probably for the main reason we had such difficulty locating it: the trees on the steep bank block the GPS signal pretty effectively.

His given coordinates are for example 50m below his given elevation data, and on the wrong side of the river.

Our location info at this site is at least on the right side of the river, but it will not be as accurate as usual, maybe +/- 50 ft.

Location:SK 09323 50138

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