Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Reims Cessna F.150M G-BFRP

Reims Cessna F.150M G-BFRP
Cessna: Kinder
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After the Wellington Memorial we started the day's job of revisiting sites where we had received enough additional information since our last visit to be fairly confident of clearing them.

This is a view down the gully where the Cessna crashed on Broadlee Bank Tor, above Edale.

Whilst we are happy we have found the site ( a fair bit up the gully from the photo location) by photo-matching, metal detection showed there to be not a scrap of tin left at the site.

We don't want our site to degenerate to the state of some others on the 'net where we take a picture from half a mile away of a field and claim to have identified the site, but this pic will help you find the site if you are looking, and we really cannot find any physical evidence at this site.

This was the last remaining site on Kinder which we considered to have a good chance of definitively locating without in-depth research.

Location:SK 11375 86122

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