Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Moelfre, Foel Lywd, Sychnant Pass: Chinook, Liberator, Oxford, Anson

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A day out in Snowdonia, the weather forecast didn't quite pan out, so only one new site to report.

We were overflown by this Chinook just before finding the crash site and memorial to the Liberator bomber "Bachelor's Baby"

We passed close to the crash site of Oxford N4568 by the Sychnant pass on our way to the next site, but didn't stop as we don't have enough information to make a search in lashing rain attractive.

We also had to abandon our return visit for Anson VV995's undercarriage about 50m short of the most likely location, as we were running out of light and the weather was turning very nasty.

As ever, we'll be back.

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