Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Armstrong Vickers Wellington Mk.IC Z8808

Armstrong Vickers Wellington Mk.IC Z8808: Digger
Gouthwaite Moor: Wellington Z8808
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Another day out above Pateley Bridge, but no electric blue skies this time. Snow, sleet, wind and rough underfoot, it was hard going.

Our main objective, the extensive Wellington wreckage on Gouthwaite Moor proved elusive once again, though you could have hidden much under the showdrifts.

We did however find this digger. We are resisting the urge to comment further about diggers.

We offer as a consolation details of a couple of local sites which have not yet been found by anyone.


William said...

I went up onto Gouthwaite moor yesterday to look for the Wellington Mk.IC Z8808 and also to have a look at the Piper and the Halifax. The latter two wrecks still look in the same condition as when you were there.

The Wellington I found close to where Alan Clark gives its position. It was pretty easy to spot as the main wreckage pile is on the surface rather than in a pit, location: SE 07306 68829.
The pile consists of some geodetic pieces and bits of piping and skinning, looking like its all been gathered together.

A couple of metres or so away some fairly small diameter copper piping and valves have been made into a little pile.
About 20 metres east are two areas of disturbed ground full of small debris and water, probably the impact site.

Not a bad day out, only got rained upon a few times, although the terrain was pretty rough going in places.


Sean said...

Thanks William,

this one is on our list for a return visit. We are pretty sure we saw it on a previous outing, and mistook it for another wreck site...

Rain comes as standard...