Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Avro Lancaster Mk. I W4326 'C' Charlie

Avro Lancaster Mk. I W4326: Dolwen Lancaster
Dolwen Lancaster
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We went out yesterday for a look at the Dolwen Lancaster. We knew it had been "recovered" a few years back, so were unprepared for how much skinning and other components might have been left behind by wreckologists clearly interested only in engines.

There is a lot. We'd still class this site as at least a "medium" on the High Ground Wrecks gradings. The HGW coords are pretty good too.

We understand the soft ground meant that the engines were exceptionally well-preserved. We believe one of them to be in the Caernarvon Airworld "museum". Where the others are we do not know.

We understand the guy previously mentioned on here who makes the little model 'planes from melted down wreckage has also visited this site.

This is Matt ZX with the crater and wreckage piles in the background


matt zx said...

hmmm nice hat !! hi sean the jcb we past by the track was the one used in the dig !

Sean said...

Cheers Matt...