Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cessna 310 F G-ARMK

Cessna 310 F G-ARMK
Cessna Engine
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The engine from this Cessna was still where we found it previously when we went up Daffydd on Monday on a training walk with Kev and Moustache Steve. The Anson and Ventura wrecks are also still in place, with nothing missing as far as we can see.

We had all sorts of fun with the Landy. First the starter motor burned out on the way there, requiring us to push-start 2 tons of Disco after going up and down the mountain. Didn't help that Kev came over all Bear Grylls and made us run all the way back down. Me knees are killing me.

The windscreen wipers failed in a storm on the way back, but they were brought back to life manually using bootlaces tied to the wipers.

All good fun.


Jim said...

It's an Airbus A300ST - also known as a Beluga. Airbus use it to ferry parts between Hawarden (Chester) and the other Airbus plants around Europe. There are five or six of them, from memory,

Jim said...

Sorry - put comment on wrong entry - please disregard. I see you already know about the A300ST

Sean said...

Thanks anyway Jim...