Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Rivals

The Rivals
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A day out on Monday accompanying Matt ZX up The Rivals (Yr Eifl) to see the scar left by the Meteor crash, and to look into the scrap merchants' claimed Firefly crash on the way up. We didn't fancy the summit to investigate the Halifax crash on the day, we'll save it for another day with a lot less snow and wind. Bounced the Landy off a few walls on the way back down as it was.

It's an old granite kerbstone quarry, so there's a pretty good road all the way up, though there are some dizzying drops (or great views as Mick would call them). The abandoned quarry buildings are pretty interesting, too.

A nice little walk for a day when the radio advised us not to venture out to the shops, let alone onto a Welsh mountain.

This photo is taken from Yr Eifl, and shows Moel Pen Llechog, Gyrn Ddu and Gyrn Goch, I think. Happy to be corrected if wrong.

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