Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Afon Goch Waterfall: Llwytmor

Afon Goch Waterfall: Llwytmor
Afon Goch Waterfall
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A day out on Llwytmor yesterday, in windy, changeable weather crossed a few elusive items off our list.

The Heinkel and both Botha engines were located, in fact we found too many big bits of Botha to put them all on here.

Hardcore anoraks can see them all on the Flickr site (until I replace them with something new).

Photography is not as good as usual this week, I'm afraid, having to use the mobile, as Mick's camera is out of commission. Normal service will be resumed when he gets a new CCD.

For good or ill, this means more pictures of Mick than usual, as I'm the one with the camera for once...

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