Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blackburn Botha Mk.I L6202 coded 6-20

engine from Blackburn Botha Mk.I L6202 coded 6-20
Blackburn Botha L6202: Llwytmor
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The elusive second engine from the Botha below the waterfall on Afon Goch.

This is 570m from the other, more commonly photographed one stuck in the crack in the rocks, and is the only picture of this lower engine on the 'net. Others say they have seen it, but as so often the case in the world of "wreckology", they offer no proof.

Location: SH 67810 69131

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William said...

I checked out the Botha on 31st March. You must have sharp eyesight to spot that engine wedged in the side of the stream. I could not see it even with your coordinates. I did spot it in the end. William