Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Heinkel He-111 F4801/IT+EL

wreckage of Heinkel He-111 F4801/IT+EL
Heinkel F4801/IT+EL: Lllwytmor
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The Heinkel wreck site, found at the third attempt with assistance from Rob TT. As well as the big bits at Mick's feet, there's a lot of molten scattered stuff mixed in with small rocks, as commonly seen at burn-out sites.

There's not much about the 'plane on the 'net, so I'll put a bit of history in for once:

It was a Heinkel 111 of 3/KG28. The plane had been on a bombing run over the docks at Barrow in Furness where it was believed the “Illustrious “ was being repaired. Anti-aircraft guns hit the plane, taking out the radio and compass.

The damaged plane then flew into the side of Llwytmor killing the engineer on 14th April 1941. The remainder of the crew survived the crash and were sent to POW camps in Canada.

Location: SH 68683 69747

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