Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fairey Barracuda Mk.II DR306

Fairey Barracuda Mk.II DR306

What appear to be wing/ hardpoint components from this Barracuda torpedo bomber which crashed into Whernside on 15th December 1945.

There apparently used to be a big chunk of wing here, but it was probably stolen by the "York Aircraft Preservation Society".

What a fantastic name for an organisation which destroys wreck sites, it's worthy of George Orwell's 1984.

Of course like all of these loose associations of saddoes it has disbanded in time, and its stolen "treasures" have gone missing, who knows where.

Those imagined museums never come to fruition quite as you hoped, do they lads? Maybe a few pointless bits of tangled metal are collected in some unvisited Nissen hut somewhere, but more usually items (all too often stolen from war graves) are collected simply to be thrown out by your parents for those few of you who go on to get a life.

Don't imagine I'm implying that all involved are of school age, just that they probably live with their parents. And need to get a life.

Location SD 74201 80331

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EOSGrp said...

Thankyou, you have just made me sign up so I can leave comments. I know your post was a while ago now but I was a little inspired. I have been looking for wrecks since I first found a copy of Ron Colliers book in 1991, in the Bridge street bookshop in Buxton. After an illness it motivated me to get off my arse rather than give up. Since then I have avoided the 'experts' that regurgitate the stuff in his wonderful books. It was all I needed to hear that not everyone gives these so called 'societies' creedance.
After all these years I am still revisiting sites. It is very sad when I find them diminished. At least I now know that not everyone involved thinks they are an aviation expert.