Saturday, 20 February 2010

Vickers Armstrong Wellington Mk.IC DV718

An outing with Steve and Mick yesterday finally located the main site for the elusive Riggs Moor Wellington on a fine clear snowy day.

Was the snow hiding the majority of the wreckage, or has the site been looted of the huge bits of geodetic which can be seen on Richard Allenby's site?

Location: SE 02109 73392


jamesmcuk said...

Hi there

Great blog! Very interesting reading through. I cant understand how to use the location info you provide and I would like to search it in google earth. Can you help me?


Sean said...

Sure, put 54° 9'22.60"N 1°58'8.47"W into GE. You can see the site clearly.....

Claire said...


I am sorry you have been unable to see much of the Wellington on the occasions you have been up to the moor.

I was there only a few weeks ago, delightful weather may I add, and found quite a bit of wreckage (under carriage, what seemed like exhaust and about 8' of wing amongst others). Sadly some of the other larger items that I have seen in photos are missing, noticably a large section of wing.

I hope you have more luck next time!

Thank you for the effort you have put into this site, I now try and incorporate the odd site into my walks and am becoming more and more enthused.

Thanks again,


Sean said...

Thanks Simon, that's what we suspected...