Friday, 26 March 2010

Overexposed search party account

I've had a few requests to publish the account I was given of the search party which went up to the "Overexposed" wreck site.

Before downloading the scans of the pages (just click on them), please note that the material is both potentially distressing and liberally salted with profanity.

The quality is equal to what I was given.

I have had correspondence since putting these up of similar looking reports for a couple of Welsh US aircraft wreck sites which turned out to be fakes. I'm firming up on provenance.


Rob L said...

The quality looks good to me. I take it the text is clipped on your copy of page 4 as well? I'll go have a read now, thanks.

Sean said...

Enjoy! yes, my page 4 is clipped too...

Rob L said...

I've read it now, I think everyone who visits crash sites should read it (and more other reports). I find it's far too easy when looking at 60 year old bits of metal on a hillside, to forget that at the majority of the sites one or more people died. Just brings it home how much these sites deserve to be remembered and protected. Well done for posting it.

Rob L said...

That's a new one on me, I can't quite figure out why anyone would go to the trouble to fake something like an accident report.

Sean said...

I'd never have imagined it before I'd heard it either.

I'm getting copies of the Welsh fakes, which I will publish on here for comparison.

This document supposedly came from the files of the late Ron Collier.

I'm off out with the person who gave it to Pat Cunningham next Wednesday, so more next week.