Thursday, 17 June 2010

Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 42-5903 "Ascend Charlie"

Cairn and Crater: Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 42-5903

This cairn is partially constructed from previously molten and torn aluminium from the Pen Gwylt Meirch crash site of Flying Fortress "Ascend Charlie". Unlike so many of the crash sites we have visited, this crew were on their way back from having seen action, rather than being casualties of training or hi-jinks.

Location: SO 24177 25366

More info:"An American Bomber crashed on the mountain near the Cwm Farm, Llanbedr at 21:20 hours on 16 September 1943. Fortress 42-5903 known as Ascend Charlie piloted by First Lt. Herbert Turner was hit in No. 1 engine by flak over La Rochelle. On the return journey the formation hit a cloud front with the oncoming darkness the formation scattered resulting in the plane hitting the hillside and killing all 10 crew." Addis.,J. (2002) "Crickhowell Yesterday" Abergavenny: Broadleaf


Stuart Jones said...

Wrong date surely?

Sean said...

Quite right, will change it, though it's a cut and paste, so original or transcription is at fault. Thanks for the heads-up.