Thursday, 24 June 2010

Gloster Javelin F.A.W Mk.5 XA662

Gloster Javelin F.A.W Mk.5 XA662

We had a grand day out in Wensleydale (I had the cheese on the way back, it was nothing special in its native area) yesterday in fine weather to look at a couple of decent wreck sites above Castle Bolton.

The photo shows a detail from the extensive wreckage pile over the hill in Apedale from the crash of this early jet fighter (the pilot and trainee on board both ejected safely after both engines failed)

It is an end-on view of a jet-pipe, which is maybe 10 feet long. Pictures of the rest of the wreckage can be seen on the Flickr site, click though on the pic if you want to see them.

We'd be more concerned over the degree of inaccuracy we established in Clarks' published coordinates here if you couldn't see the site from over 200m away...

Location: SE 01545 94188

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TomK said...

Grid ref smack on. We took some pix if you want more.
Have you visited the Wellington at
SE 01161 68846? There are both engine blocks one prop reduction gear and bits of fuselage / control rods. Best wishes
Tom Knapp, Embsay, Skipton