Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Vickers Varsity T1 WJ897 / G-BDFT

Vickers Varsity T1 WJ897 / G-BDFT

Though the unfortunate 'plane dated back to 1952, this crash took place in 1984, with a crew drawn from the enthusiast group which had just restored the aircraft.

This memorial was erected in 2009, replacing the less-formal one which was at the site prior to that.

A collection of the burned aluminium debris which still litters the crash site (in Marchington, Staffordshire) is shown beside the plaque.

We have received a communication from a relative of one of those who were aboard with concerns that the coordinates below will encourage diggers and metal detectorists to disturb the plantings they have made at the site.

As Pat Cunningham already published the site coordinates in 2005, we will leave them up, but we very much hope that the conscience of anyone reading would prevent them disturbing this recent crash site using these coordinates.

Location: SK 15103 30064

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wj897 said...

Congratulations on finding this very difficult to locate site, but can I ask you a favour. I'm one of the relatives who organised the siting of the plaque on the 25th anniversary. We were quite distressed to see a comment posted with your photo indicating an interest by metal detectorists, and as the site was planted out with flowers we have visions of this planting being disturbed. This site is accessed by the relatives and friends of the casualties due to a long standing informal arrangement with the landowner who we feel may not approve of casual visitors crossing the land and disturbing the site. This may cause the landowner to withdraw the arrangement for access. The site is a peaceful place we visit to remember our relatives, and to have it potentially despoiled for the sake of some burned pieces of aluminium is too upsetting to contemplate. Can I respectfully ask you therefore to remove the GPS coordinates from this site.
Deb at

Sean said...

Hi Deb,

I'm sorry for your loss, and to report that there was no sign of any planting at the site.

I'm afraid to report that the coordinates have been public knowledge for some time, those given here are contained in Pat Cunningham's 2005 book.

I would also deplore the idea of anyone digging at the site, and will add a note to the post to acknowledge how much hurt this would cause to surviving relatives.