Monday, 13 September 2010

Republic P-47 C Thunderbolt 41-6246 / HL-F

Republic P-47 C Thunderbolt 41-6246 / HL-F

Had a day out on Aran Fawddwy yesterday, getting the last two sites on there cleared up.

This is one of the larger wreckage piles from the crash of this Thunderbolt, whose trail we only touched on previously. Skinning and assorted bits are scattered all around this location, which lies more or less directly below the impact point.

Location: SH 86389 21890

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Rob L said...

Glad to see you made it this time, have you made it up to the actual impact site? As I'm sure it's much higher up the face, I'm going to have a look high up next time up on that hill.

Sean said...

You are right, it is. It's pretty steep, mind...