Friday, 27 April 2007

Short Stirling LJ628

We visited this RAF Stirling crash site on 26th April 2007. We found a group of good sized pieces of wreckage in a clough around 1/3 of a mile away from the main group of wreckage, and well away from any coordinates published elsewhere.
Short Stirling LJ628

This wreckage is at:

SK 20721 95701.

The former main group of wreckage was cleared, by the Stirling Project. There are however many fragments and small groups of wreckage left over near the commonly published coordinates, in particular on a line between SK 20336 95659 and

SK 20218 95590, where you can see this pile of wreckage.

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matt zx said...

hiya just to ask is anymore details avalable on "the stirling project"
as the website is not active ? and i can not find anymore details!

Sean said...

Latest updates and contact details seem to be here:

It's all a bit on the slow side...