Thursday, 31 May 2007

Fieseler Fi-103 (V1)?, Airspeed Oxford Mk.I LX518 and Airspeed Consul TF-RPM above Langsett Reservoir

Great outing today with young Matt: Found the "V1 crater" at:SK 18575 96507.
There was no crater left, it was all filled in.

We found some shrapnel up to 500mm long, though. It was much thicker stuff than the usual aircraft aluminium.

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Found the Oxford at:
SK 18040 96743.

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The Consul was at:
SK 17402 96607.

It looked like someone had been excavating the wreckage.

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Lockheed Lightning P38J 42-67207

B-team outing: Sean and Barry found the P38 Lightning on Tintwistle Knarr:

SK 03929 99086.

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

Blackburn Botha W5103; Avro Lancaster PA474

Had an interesting trip yesterday. Found the remains of a RAF Botha at:
Blackburn Botha W5103; Avro Lancaster PA474
SK 11077 97532.

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Whilst searching for a Wellington a little way away, we had several flybys by a Lancaster, got a few pics:

Also a video. As we understand there are only two left airworthy, this isn't something that happens every day! PA474, the Battle of Britain Flight flying Lanc was supposed to be at Headingley on the 25th, but the other one (FM213 )is owned by the Canadian Air Force.
Maybe it was something to do with this years' remake of "The Dambusters".

Friday, 18 May 2007

Hawker Hurricanes PZ851,PZ765 and PZ854 ;Lancaster PA411 RAF;Lightning P38J 42-67207

The memorial to the Hurricanes, Lancaster and Lightning lost on Tintwistle Knarr is at:

Hawker Hurricanes PZ851,PZ765 and PZ854 ;Lancaster PA411 RAF;Lightning P38J 42-67207SK 03644 98649.

Scraps of Hurricane wreckage can be seen at:

SK 03564 98897

below a small cairn.

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Lancaster wreckage can be seen at:

SK 03566 99255.

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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Avro Anson N9853

We went to look above Edale at a number of wreck sites this week. The only wreck we found was this Anson at:

SK 10114 87860.

A hard one to find, in one of the many groughs in the area. The cross does not project above the grough, as the photo might suggest.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Boeing RB-29A (F-13A) Superfortress 44-61999

Went back to the Superfortress at Shelf Stones yesterday, for the sake of completeness. The moors were officially closed due to extreme fire risk, but neither of us were smokers, and it seemed everyone else was ignoring the advice too...

The memorial at the top right of this pic (behind the radial engine) is at:

SK 09042 94892.

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