Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lockheed Lightning P-38F 41-7677 (Maid of Harlech) Update

We hear that the anoraks are once again up in arms about not being able to loot the Harlech P-38, which is receiving further press attention due in part to interest in TIGHAR's current expedition to Nikumaroro to look for Amelia Earhart's 'plane.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Blackburn B-24 Skua Mk.II L3054?

Report from Rob the Tog on the continuing saga of Elidir Fawr...

I decided to have a go a pinning down the Skua (L3054) crash on Elidir Fawr. Well the short story is that I didn’t find the crash site. At first I walked up the valley skirting the bottom of the lower scree and looking with the binoculars to see if I could spot anything. I was working on the principle that wreckage usually moves downhill, but nothing.

Then I climbed up and moved to the top boulder field (I thought I spotted it, but as usual it turned out to be a brown rock!). I scouted round, but the place is nightmare to search on your own, the boulder field is big but stable, so you can cross it, but you could be a few feet away from any wreckage and still not spot it.

I did find a six foot long rusted steel tube with about a two inch diameter (no markings etc, too much rust), it could be from the aircraft but only its age makes it a possible. [see pic. above]

I searched the main boulder field as best I could in the fall line from the summit but didn’t find anything else. The problem with this one is the boulders spread right from the top of Elidir Fawr all the way along the summit ridge for a good few hundred metres, so unless the location can be pinned down a bit it will take an epic search to find it (or just a lot of luck!).

I did spot some nice fossils in the rocks at the top of the mountain and found a rock which I think could be a meteorite (because of it totally out of place look and its got a very high iron content which doesn’t fit with the local rocks). So not a bad day out despite not finding the crash site. I guess it might be a case to try and get a copy of the accident card from Hendon.

Location: SH 61238 61230

Anyone know anything?