Friday, 29 April 2011

Lockheed Lightning P38G 42-13345/F5E 44-24229

Lockheed Lightning P38G 42-13345

A day out in the vicinity of Aberystwyth earlier in the week to look at a two sites with Matt ZX and a couple of our regulars.

First up the infamous and contentious Plynlimon Lightning, about which you'll see very little reliable information on the internet (other than this) - was it for example Lightning F5E 44-24229 or P38 42-13345?

More contentious and far more interesting to non-anoraks is who did this:

Lockheed P38G Lightning 42-13345-Vandalism
Who cut the turbocharger out of this wing and took it home back in 2003/2004? Here's what it used to look like pre-vandalism:

Lockheed P38G Lightning 42-13345-Down in Wales

There's a sizeable reward for information leading to recovery...

Location: SN 79840 86523

More info:

Hawker Hunter T7 XL575

Hawker Hunter T7 XL575 by Conan the Trainspotter
While we were in the area we went over to the nearby Hawker Hunter crash site at Gelmast , where only small fragments like these remain.

Location: SN 77568 75749

More info

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A grand day out: NOT a V1 crater

Fail! by Conan the Trainspotter

Had a day out with Pat, Paul and Ian yesterday-it went well, right until the point when Paul described me as a "prominent wreckologist"- I'd have preferred "fat bastard" to that-;-)

He did however take a cracking photo of this Parachute mine crater, (wrongly believed to have been made by a V1 until quite recently) so we'll let him off.

Someone has recently erected this sign mislabelling the crater...don't believe everything you read...


Consul by Conan the Trainspotter

Looting and fiddling continues at the Consul site- the engine was once more wrapped in plastic and hidden from sight. A bit more is missing, and a new home-made sign has appeared.


Oxford by Conan the Trainspotter

Another new sign at the Oxford site (by my right foot)

Real V1- Death by walking poles.

Real V1 by Conan the Trainspotter

Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can sleep...Comfort break at the real V1 site