Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Fairey Swordfish P4223

B-Team outing: Me and Barry returned once again to Holme Moss, and finally found the FAA Swordfish, with a bit of assistance from High Peak Bob. It's changed a bit since the last pic I've seen on the web, acquiring a cross with a White Ensign on. We found it at Fairey Swordfish P4223
SE 08338 04764

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Friday, 15 June 2007

Handley-Page Halifax HR727

We went up onto Kinder yesterday for the RAF Halifax and Wellington above Edale. Found Halifax despite poor visibility and rain,but not the Wellington as we thought at the time. The wreck sites are only about 400 ft apart, and it has since been suggested to us that all of the wreckage shown in these photos is actually of the Halifax. We have investigated, and have since revisited the site,locating the Wellington wreckage.

Handley-Page Halifax HR727
was at: SK 13102 87633


was at: SK 13045 87750

More Halifax

was at: SK 13079 87676

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Thursday, 7 June 2007

North American F86 Sabre Mk.2 19234,Consolidated B-24H Liberator 42-94841

Successful outing on Holme Moss with Ralph (the dog) today. Located the RCAF Sabre and USAAF Liberator, but missed the Swordfish again. We'll get it next time!

Liberator wreck was at:

Consolidated B-24H Liberator 42-94841

SE 10632 03385

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Sabre at:

North American F86 Sabre Mk.2 19234

SE 09101 05072

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More pics from our wreckhunting outings are posted here.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Bristol Blenheim Mk.I L1476,De Havilland L-20A Beaver 52-6145

Another successful outing last Friday, we found the Blenheim and Beaver wrecks above the Torside reservoir.

The Beaver was above Devil's Elbow at:
SK 05533 97588

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The Blenheim was on Sykes Moor at:
SK 08303 97004

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Once again High Peak Bob's coordinates were the closest.