Monday, 18 April 2022

Lancaster PA411 RAF; Lightning P38J 42-67207 Revisit 2

Lightning Crash Site Tintwistle

Lancaster Crash Site Tintwistle


Side note on the weekend's revisit of Tintwistle Knarr crash sites: some of them seem to have been "decorated" with assorted irrelevant crap, as you can see in the pics. This is something I'm seeing increasingly frequently. 

At least one of the painted rocks appears to be to do with some kind of army veteran's mental health charity. Maybe they all are, but I'm still not really seeing the relevance to an air force war grave. Ditto the Ukrainian flag at the Lightning site. The pilot and aircraft were American, not Ukrainian.

Incidentally, I noted a small secondary wreckage pile at the Lancaster site: 

Location: SK 03494 99223

Hawker Hurricanes PZ851,PZ765 and PZ854; Lancaster PA411 RAF; Lightning P38J 42-67207 Revisit

Hurricane prop gear

I went out to visit the sites on Tintwistle Knarr a couple of times over the weekend to investigate reports of a new bit at the Hurricanes site. There was indeed a new bit, as pictured above. 

It's most plausible that it's from the Hurricanes, though it might be from the nearby Lancaster. Ian DB's pics should however show how it differs from its counterparts at the Lancaster.

Hard to see how I might have missed this on every previous visit. I must have more or less stood on it on every occasion. However, the site is burned right through the peat, I have never seen it so bare. Maybe it's been there all along.  

Location: SK 03527 98907 

Monday, 2 November 2020

Gloster Meteors WA971 and VZ518

I've been up to Sliddens Moss twice in recent weeks with Pat, and Matt. Last week's outing turned up this engine, which I hadn't seen on previous outings. 

Location: TBA

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Cessna 310 F G-ARMK: The Magpies Strike Again!


Had a day out in Wales with Matt ZX last Friday. Weather report was filthy, but as it turned out, overly pessimistic. Weather was pretty much standard autumn mountain weather. 

After visiting the mixed Anson and Ventura wreckage over the other side of Fynnon Lloer, we went up the stream to see the usually impossible to miss Cessna engine. No sign of it. 

The one other walker we met all day on top said he'd seen it about a year ago. Got out my old high-accuracy coordinates. My sticks are very close to where it used to be. Definitely no sign of it. 

It's probably in some saddo's garage then, though there's a small chance it has merely been moved, as comments on previous posts suggest it has been before. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Consolidated B-24J Liberator 42-100322


A day out in Bowland with IanDB in low cloud yesterday yielded this Burn Fell B-24 site I've missed in the past.

Location:  SD 67123 53127

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Airspeed Oxford Mk.II X7064

A quick outing with Matt ZX in nice walking weather to various hills outside Llangollen yielded 3/3 target sites in fairly short order. First of the day was the Oxford site on Moel y Gamelin. 

Fragments of wreckage are scattered throughout the scree. The pic is a closeup of a bit with inspection stamp and markings which I'd like to say prove it's an Airspeed Oxford, but it looked slightly questionable at first. A part number starting with 10 is good, but the inspection stamp should ideally be  AS for Airspeed. Mat however tells me that the RECL stamp is from Royston Engineering, who made spares for a number of manufacturers including Airspeed and DeHaviland.

Location: SJ 17470 46623

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Douglas C-47A Dakota 41-7803


This site on Moel Y Gaer is unique in my experience in having more bits of clothing related debris like this US great seal embossed brass button than bits of aircraft, by virtue of its cargo. Which is surprising considering these buttons go for £3.50 each on eBay. 

Location: SJ 16779 46393

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Boeing B-29A-50-BN Washington B.1 WF502 Memorial


The memorial to the Washington crash in the nearby village 

Location: SJ 19027 56172

Boeing B-29A-50-BN Washington B.1 WF502


Though debris was reportedly scattered over five acres (or five miles depending on who you ask) , there are many surface scraps quite close to the impact site such as these. This looks to be a long way from the Moel Y Gaer location given by some ( though probably less than five miles), I prefer the  Llanarmon-yn-Iâl given in the link below. Sources also differ on how many of the crew survived.

Location:  SJ 17944 54203 

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Avro Anson Mk 1 N9617

A day out with Matt ZX yesterday in the Berwyns yielded a few bits of site-proving skinning like the bit pictured at this site on Moel Sych. 

Those tussocks make for heavy going off path! Still, there's a good chance that one of the magpies will have these bits in their garage "museum" before the weekend is out now that I've published the coordinates. For "safe keeping" you understand......

Location: SK 28634 53596