Friday, 26 June 2020

Short Stirling Mk.III EE975

Last one of the day, the 15th August 1944 crash site of Stirling EE975 on Old Cote Moor. There's scraps in the scree at the foot of the cliff that this site is on top of as well.

Location: SD 92766 72654

Vickers Wellington Mk.X HE226

A day out in the Yorkshire Dales with "MT Skull" (pictured) last Wednesday took in this 28th May 1945 crash site (with a surprising amount of unlooted wreckage for such an accessible site) on Bycliffe Moor above Conistone (In Wharfedale) first. 

The one pictured is just the one with the biggest pile of scrap of a number in bell pits at the site. There's even bits in the fence! As discussed with MT on the day, this is recorded in Smith's "High Ground Wrecks" as only having "small pieces". Nowadays such an amount of unlooted metal makes this arguably at least a "medium remains" by comparison with other sites in their present state. There's sizeable shattered engine bits in this pile

I've used LAIT's anorak site as the "more info" below. Love how their logo is a JCB now!

Location: SE 01128 68821 

Friday, 19 June 2020

North American P51 Mustang AP171

A .50 cal. bullet found yesterday at the site of this 11th June 1943 crash on Brown Clee Hill

Location: SO 59343 83529

Junkers Ju-88-A5 (6245) V4 + BS III/KG 1

The rough cross made out of a steel fencepost erected at (or near, depending who you ask) the crash site of this Junkers Bomber, which went down with a full bomb load on April 1st, 1941, killing all on board. The bright bolt at the top of the cross is reportedly part of the aircraft. 

Location : SO 60363 85848 (approx - it's in the woods) 

WAR: What Is It Good For?

Memorial to the various air crashes on Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire, erected (I am told) by someone who ran a stall on the local market selling bits from them for many years, seen on a day out with Matt and Rich in a new area for me.

WAR, (as the local magpies call themselves) have looted most of these sites, so not much to see at most of them. Found a scrap or two they missed at two of them.

Location : SO 59607 85496  

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Still In Business

We are still going out, though as we haven't done any new sites for a while, I don't bother posting anything. All any pictures would show is the gradual erosion of wreckage at the sites, and its replacement with a proliferation of signs, crosses and poppies, even at sites where there were no deaths. Some of the outings can be seen at MatZX's site here.  I'm planning on starting to visit some new sites soon, lockdown permitting...

Monday, 7 January 2019

Consolidated B-24H Liberator 42-94841

Had a foggy day out with Ian DB to end the Xmas Break yesterday. This Liberator was the first of the three crash sites we visited on Holme Moss.

Location: SE 10632 03385

North American Sabre Mk.2 19234

Not been here since 2007. Someone has been collecting everything into one pile, and added one of the new metal crosses we are seeing at almost all of the sites now. Ian DB thinks there is less wreckage than before, and notes that the red ring around the fuel point has been lifted (by some light-fingered anorak - my comment)

Location: SE 09101 05072

Fairey Swordfish P4223

A tidied up pile with what looks to be new excavated material, and one of those new crosses at the Swordfish site.

Location: SE 08338 04764

Monday, 22 October 2018

Handley-Page Halifax HR727

Handley-Page Halifax HR727

Great weather last Saturday for an outing with Matt ZX on Kinder.

We only saw two of the wreckage piles we found back when we were looking for this and the nearby Wellington on the day, but we didn't search at all of the old coordinates. Feel free to look for yourself and get back to me...

This is the largest of the three Halifax wreckage piles we found back then. All looked pretty much as before.

Location: SK 13102 87633