Saturday, 26 May 2007

Blackburn Botha W5103; Avro Lancaster PA474

Had an interesting trip yesterday. Found the remains of a RAF Botha at:
Blackburn Botha W5103; Avro Lancaster PA474
SK 11077 97532.

More info

Whilst searching for a Wellington a little way away, we had several flybys by a Lancaster, got a few pics:

Also a video. As we understand there are only two left airworthy, this isn't something that happens every day! PA474, the Battle of Britain Flight flying Lanc was supposed to be at Headingley on the 25th, but the other one (FM213 )is owned by the Canadian Air Force.
Maybe it was something to do with this years' remake of "The Dambusters".


Mick said...

My brother (aircraft nut) reckons there are only 2 flying Lancasters, one of which is based in Canada. So we were pretty lucky to witness this

Steve said...

I once saw a lancaster fly over my house a thonught it was quite amazing as there so rare but if i saw one while on the moors looking for wrecks id be convinced it was a ghost plane and think id probably poo myself! ha-ha

Was there a smaller plane in that video aswell?

Sean said...

Yes, there was a smaller, probably more modern plane as well.

Never seen a ghost plane yet, but have seen things which might be mistaken for one...