Thursday, 21 February 2008

Boeing RB-29A Superfortress 44-61999

B29-Shelf Moor
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This item, 1/4 mile distant from the commonly visited wreck of "Overexposed", and described by some as an "engine casing", has eluded us a few times in the past. We finally got it today.

The B-29 rebuilder who gave us the photo in the post above thinks that it is a gun well, possibly the upper four gun turret, matching the ring assembly below this post. As the comment below shows, others think differently.

We heard this was here as a result of an abandoned effort at large-scale souvenir hunting.

Location:SK 09373 94622

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Peak District Air Accident Research said...
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Sean said...

you don't think it's a gun well then?

scratchfinder said...

I had no idea this was at the site,been there a good few times as well,brilliant.

Sean said...

On my last visit to the site,

this item seemed to have disappeared. As I was with a group of children in a blizzard, I was not able to establish whether it has just been moved, or removed....

William said...

I have been checking out the sites on Kinder Scout and Bleaklow recently and yesterday I was at the Superfortress at Shelf Stones and noticed that the gun well/turret is now at the main wreck site. William