Thursday, 6 March 2008

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIA P7593

Spitfire:The Roaches
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Lots of bits found at the site of this Spitfire crash at the foot of the Roaches, including what appears to be a panel clock. Click on the pic for an annotated version.

Talking to the farmer, someone was there at the site a month ago, who said they had previously published material on the wrecks. He didn't think it was Pat Cunningham, and he knew it wasn't Alan Clark, because he didn't bring his mum with him like last time. Whoever it was found a spade, apparently.

In preparation for visiting the site, we investigated the whereabouts of the Merlin 12 engine (not a Merlin 3 as stated in Pat Cunningham's book) removed from the site in 1978. It is in Lincolnshire, here. Its owners were still livid at the assertion in "Peakland Air Crashes" that they had left it to rot, and have sent me a pic of the state of restoration of the engine, which you can see a few posts above this one.

Location: SK 00294 61650

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