Saturday, 26 July 2008

Martin Marauder B-26G 44-68072?

Martin Marauder B-26G 44-68072
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It's all question marks this week, as we found artefacts, but cannot definitively say which aircraft they came from.

Our planned route of ascent of Y Garn proved impractical, so we switched to plan B, the nearby Ansons.

As we were about to get back into the car, I noticed this in the window of the warden station. It seems highly likely that this glob of previously molten aluminium comes from a 'plane wreck site, but the warden didn't know where it came from. He didn't know who had made it into a keyring either.

As the path to the wreck of the Marauder passes a few feet from where this was found, we speculate that this wreck is the source of this item.

Location:SH 64923 60329

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