Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Boeing Flying Fortress B-17F 42-3134 Memorial: Bala

Boeing Flying Fortress B-17F 42-3134 Memorial: Bala
Fortress B-17F 42-3134 Memorial: Bala
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Those who fixed the commemorative plaque to the crew of the Fortress crashed on Arenig Fawr on the Old Town Hall in Bala may not have foreseen its conversion into a Chinese restaurant.

The hoardings unfortunately stopped us seeing if the plaque is still there.

We visited this as a convenient stop-off 50 yards from a cafe where I had an excellent fry-up.

The days' main targets were another Fortress with some controversy as to its identity, and a Lancaster (NE132) which was supposed to be easy to find by virtue of being in quite big bits.

Got the Fortress but not the Lanc. We now understand (from MattZX) that we missed the Lancaster because the High Ground Wrecks coordinates are unusually inaccurate at the site.

Nice walking though, for once dryer and sunnier in Wales than in Derbyshire.

As ever, we'll be back with more info to find the ones we missed on the first pass.

Location: SH 92615 35974

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