Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Martin Marauder B-26G 44-68072

Martin Marauder B-26G 44-68072: Impact Site
Martin Marauder B-26G 44-68072
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A day out with Matt ZX to see if we could find anything from the Marauder crash site on Y Garn yesterday.

The photo shows what we believe to be the impact point of this medium bomber of the Western face of Y Garn, Snowdonia. The parallel lines of scree are deepish scrapes which have filled over time with small stones. The site location was proven correct by the presence of some distinctive bits of aircraft aluminium, as shown in the entry below.

David Earl reports that the aircraft broke in two from here, with one bit staying with one of the crew on the Llanberis side, and the remainder of the crew and 'plane going over the edge to break up and scatter in the valley below. An old-time wreckhunter has written to tell us that by the early 60s only the props lay on this side of the hillside, the wing sections seemingly having been pushed over the cliff.

Using telescopes and binoculars from the summit, we established that the undercarriage and other bits not weighed in for scrap by the local magpies are still present. We will return by the Eastern route to get photos and accurate locations for the scattered wreckage on a later trip.

Location of impact point: SH 62842 59856

Location of undercarriage:SH 631 602


William said...

I went out there last Thursday 7th May to Cwm Cywion and found numerous bits including two large undercarriage legs with pieces of brake shoes still on. Also several heavy steel cowlings about 4ft by 1.5ft, I think they must be armour. Slightly higher on a grassy plateau at SH 63175 60096 and nearby there are some more interesting bits.
Higher still at SH 63177 60020 there are more small pieces of wreckage. William.

Sean said...

cheers william