Sunday, 8 November 2009

Vickers Armstrong Wellington Mk.IC DV718

Vickers Armstrong Wellington Mk.IC DV718

A tough 19k in fog and rain brought us precious little of this aircraft which crashed at night in low cloud and rain on Riggs Moor.

The poor visibility around here which did for all but one of the crew of the Wellington has caused us a few problems too. The weather was relatively fine until we came to the search area, and visibility then dropped dramatically, just as it did last time we were here.

We were out of light before we had a chance to complete our search, and had to do a couple of K over cloughs and groughs in the dark, which was a good navigation exercise. We found this lightweight bit, around 400mm square, but I'm pretty sure we were almost 100m from the main site.

The crash site is big, and having been assured it could be seen from 100m (if only you could see that far), we are certain we will get the main site at our next attempt, (especially as I spotted it on Google Earth this morning!)

Location: SE 02205 73365

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William said...

I went up onto Riggs Moor yesterday to look for Wellington Mk.IC DV718. I estimated the position by noting the co-ordinates of the round blemish on the moorland that appears on Google earth near where you found your piece.

Visibility was very poor, being in mist all the time but the Google earth method was spot on. I arrived at a scar some 15 metres across which contained a large collection of debris, including what looked like both front under carriages. Location : SE 02120 73390

Nearby in a grough at, SE 02143 73403 there are more interesting bits with a piece of geodetic about 7ft by 3ft, I think from the wing.

So you were very close indeed when you were there, just some 70 metres away.


Sean said...

Thanks William, it's always poor visibility up there!

We revisted in the snow: