Saturday, 27 October 2007

Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman 43-35439 or Defiant Mk.I T3921?

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This scatter of mostly previously molten bits of aluminium on Shining Tor has provoked considerable controversy.

The author of "Peakland Air Crashes" considers the testimony of a local shepherd that the site was in existence in 1943 to prove that it cannot be the Norseman, which crashed in '44. He also reports a metal detector search as revealing nothing at the crash site the Norseman's pilot logged.

The owner of the "Peak District Air Accident Research" website insists that inspection stamps on some recovered parts prove it to be the Norseman.

We dunno.

Location: SJ 99831 73579


Mick said...

and quite frankly don't care, its a pile of scrap metal on a very nice hill

Mick said...

seriously though, it seems to me that the wreckage from both planes has been jumbled up so it may never be possible to prove one way or the other. Unless the Defiant is still lurking somewhere out there?

Sean said...

That's certainly the contention of the "Peak District Air Accident Research" website.

Peak District Air Accident Research said...
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Sean said...

Thanks for the update, Alan. We'll look for the Defiant info in the archives when we do our next research blitz.