Saturday, 24 May 2008

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V BD232

Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V BD232
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Scraps of aluminium found as we ascended Foel Fras, above Llyn Dulyn. Though we knew there was more in the area, we were on a bit of a whistle-stop tour...

Location:SH 70309 67057

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William said...

I went out yesterday to have a look for the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V BD232. I came across what must be the impact site, a large area of disturbed ground together with a small amount of aluminium and steel. This is located at SH 70212 67054.

About 120 metres below this there is a reasonable collection of heavily riveted corrugated aluminium panels and a few tubes, location SH 70331 67012. About 15 metres below this pile is another two pieces of riveted aluminium one of which has been stamped SP9920057 and JZKG, and on the head of a rivet what looks like BP.

Finally at the bottom where it levels out I found a possible bit of undercarriage, a heavy steel tube around 2 foot long and 4 inch diameter with flanges attached, location SH 70364 66949.

I spent about an hour looking around and I expected to find a bit more as I have seen pictures on the web dated April 2005 showing a propeller housing and other wreckage.


Sean said...

Hi William,

BD232 has been "recovered" by Elliott Smock of the Whitley Project with a view to using the bits to build a museum piece