Saturday, 10 May 2008

Halifax and Mosquito: Great Whernside

Halifax and Mosquito: Great Whernside
Awaiting Identification: Great Whernside
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We went up to Yorkshire yesterday in search of some bigger bits of aircraft wreckage. There are at least seven 'planes downed on Great Whernside, above Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales, so we gave that a go. Nice village. Big hill, on such a warm day.

This bit was found on the far side of the Mosquito wreck site from the Halifax crash location. Serial numbers and inspection stamps we found on the part however suggest that it is from the Halifax. The wreckage fields for Mosquito and Halifax are therefore overlapping. They did crash very close to each other. Details of the Halifax and Mosquito in the following posts.

Location:SE 00070 73490

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