Thursday, 7 June 2007

North American F86 Sabre Mk.2 19234,Consolidated B-24H Liberator 42-94841

Successful outing on Holme Moss with Ralph (the dog) today. Located the RCAF Sabre and USAAF Liberator, but missed the Swordfish again. We'll get it next time!

Liberator wreck was at:

Consolidated B-24H Liberator 42-94841

SE 10632 03385

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Sabre at:

North American F86 Sabre Mk.2 19234

SE 09101 05072

More info

More pics from our wreckhunting outings are posted here.


Mike said...

Up to the wreck of the Sabre today in a howling gale. More wreckage than I remembered from the last time (1998)but that's probably down to me age. Also harder to find than last time (definately down to my navigation) but a bit of triangulation got me there in the end. All the wreckage is now gathered towards the bottom of the peak field and a small wooden (unmarked) cross has been left. There are a few indistinct trails but it doesnt look a popular site probably due to the ground being so bloody awful to walk on.

Sean said...

Yep, the weather is consistently rubbish in this neck of the woods, and poor underfoot too. Don't know why they put that viewing point there, we rarely see the mast, and its 200m tall...

Mike said...

The viewing point was put there so we can watch the look of horror on the faces of older generations as the wind whips the door out of their failing grasp and smashes it into the front wing of their Rover 200/Accord ( having already turned the car around cos they couldnt even open the door at first)

Some consolation for being stupid enough to trudge 1/2 a mile onto the abyiss to find some scrap I suppose...but not much!