Saturday, 26 April 2008

Armstrong Vickers Wellington Mk. IV DV800

pile with slate
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Someone has created a wreckage pile with cairn and plaque here, near to the coordinates we have for the crash of Wellington DV800. Unfortunately he seems to have written his plaque in tippex. We can see no mention in what is legible of Wellington DV800, and we were not sure initially that this looked like Wellington wreckage.

We would have expected to see a bit of geodetic, but we have had the part numbers from a component in the pile confirmed as Wellington IV, so I suppose that settles it.

Location: SH 67583 63542

well 1
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There is a wreckage trail from the collection above down the banks and bed of Nant Y Graig. We cannot say if the black-painted sheet aluminium wreckage in that trail as illustrated here belongs with this collection, but we cannot think what else it might be.

Location:SH 67243 63603

More info-none on the 'net as of writing

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