Friday, 6 June 2008

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV L9039
Blenheim:Cwm Eigiau
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A shattered Bristol Mercury engine from the Blenheim crash site in Cwm Eigiau below Craig yr Ysfa.

There is also a great deal of sheet aluminium around the site, most notably in a stream bed in the background of this picture.

Location:SH 69624 63897

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William said...

I went out on Friday to Carnedd Llewelyn to have another look at Blenheim Mk.IV L9039 that crashed on Craig yr Ysfa. Having previously seen the radial engines in the valley below I thought I would have a look at the impact site higher up. There was a fair size collection of bits including a propeller hub at SH 69244 64090 and another hub at SH 69247 64078. There are other pieces scattered around and also leading up the gully nearby.

Of more interest are the remains of the under carriage at SH 69293 64101. I thought it looked familiar as it has a multitude of distinct stainless steel pins, the same as the under carriage at Elidir Fach from Blenheim Mk.IV V6099 which I visited a few weeks ago. Getting home and comparing photos that I took shows that they are obviously the same types of undercarriage. This should help to confirm the identity of the Blenheim at Elidir Fach.


Sean said...

Cheers William, for a lucid and well-supported contribution.

We had reached the same conclusions as you about those stainless steel pins with a little "roof" on them....