Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Consolidated B-24 J Liberator 42-99991 "Bachelors Baby"

Consolidated B-24 J Liberator 42-99991: Memorial
Liberator-Batchelor's Baby: Moelfre
Originally uploaded by wreckhunter

Memorial to the five human crew killed in the 1942 crash of this American heavy bomber, and their dog "Booster", who was interred at the site.

The site is a full 82 m from the six decimal place coordinates given on the "GPS Walker" site. Perhaps that is why Alan Clark is happy to carry a link to that inaccurate and ill-maintained site and not to ours. No-one is going to find much from "GPS Walker"'s coordinates.

Since the site's title implies that GPS is being used for navigation and production of coordinates, we have no idea how the coordinates published on the website can be so far out.

We have had no success in contacting "GPS Walker", but if you are out there, your comments are invited. We link below our +/-3m accurate coordinates to the relevant page of "GPS Walker"'s site.

Location: SH 71564 74345

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Anonymous said...

GPS Walker appears to have obtained his reference several years ago while GPS Selective Availibility was enabled, when errors of several hundred metres were to be expected.

Sean said...

Seems plausible. It would have been better for him to have rounded his figures to reflect their accuracy. 3 decimal places would have been more realistic.