Friday, 20 August 2010

Millom "Museum" Closes


We hear that the "museum" pictured where bits of unrecognisable scrap dug pointlessly and amateurishly from crash sites by "enthusiasts" were piled up ("exhibited" would be too generous, as the quote below shows) is to close.

A local resident is quoted as saying:

"is that a museum on devenshire road? i thought it was some sort of scrapyard or dumping ground for old planes and rusting junk. its an accident waiting to happen with no fencing around it to stop kids getting in and hurting themselves! its also a bloody eyesore and ruins a good walk in what used to be a beautiful part of millom"

So that's a result, then! The only problem now is what will happen with all of the stuff the anoraks dug up?

We know the answer to that - just the same as always happens - it will be lost, and neither scientific knowledge nor permanent exhibits will remain from these saddoes playing at archaeologists. Why don't they just leave things alone?


matt zx said...

Oops! well all that J.C.B. and shovel hire must have cost,so bit of a self inflicted problem !!

Sean said...

Not much of a business model they had going there....