Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Handley Page Hampden Mk.I X3154 coded ZN-A

Had a day out with Pat today on a windy Rushup Edge to have a look at a few sites. If (like everyone else) you took a photo of the 0.303 round which was embedded in one of the lumps of formerly molten aluminium at this crash site, you'll not be able to take another, as it has disappeared since our last visit.

The nearby Oxford site had also been disturbed.


JMP said...

Hi - just recently found your site while reading up on Gyro Gunsights. I have a question - is it acceptable to pilfer wreck sites and remove materials found therein, or is this considered unethical or otherwise unacceptable behavior.

The favor of your reply is appreciated.


Sean said...

It is presently illegal in the UK to to this. As for ethics and acceptability, most people find it at the least distasteful to remove items from sites where people have died.