Monday, 18 April 2022

Hawker Hurricanes PZ851,PZ765 and PZ854; Lancaster PA411 RAF; Lightning P38J 42-67207 Revisit

Hurricane prop gear

I went out to visit the sites on Tintwistle Knarr a couple of times over the weekend to investigate reports of a new bit at the Hurricanes site. There was indeed a new bit, as pictured above. 

It's most plausible that it's from the Hurricanes, though it might be from the nearby Lancaster. Ian DB's pics should however show how it differs from its counterparts at the Lancaster.

Hard to see how I might have missed this on every previous visit. I must have more or less stood on it on every occasion. However, the site is burned right through the peat, I have never seen it so bare. Maybe it's been there all along.  

Location: SK 03527 98907 

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